It’s a Vaccine article hidden as truth.

David Smith
5 min readAug 29, 2021


I have always been an advocate for medicine that cures.

If you think about that, the three words “medicine that cures” does not encompass all of medicine. I believe there’s a different medicine that is being practiced: “medicine that doesn’t hurt”; and also a “medicine that hurts less” than something else.

Medicine that cures is a very rare thing.

There’s a rule of thumb that I use, that if the medicine uses statistics to prove itself then my guess is more valuable than theirs, when it comes to my body. I don’t know about yours, just mine.

So, since this is how I think about things, that every study that uses numbers is less than useful, I am free to think about other things. When I was young, I was praised when I came up with weird theories and I would get “that Dave is a smart one, he’s going to make a difference some day.” Before the internet it was cool to think outside the box. In fact it was expected.

Those are the days of the past now. We are not allowed to think that way anymore. I want to tell you something though, something really secret that I don’t want you telling anyone, ok?

I still think that way.

Here, I’ll give you some reprieve from having to endure my “non-scientific” thinking.

I was helping my daughter make something for school, I sliced my finger open with a razor. No biggy. I know the doctors know one really good thing. What drugs numb the pain when they sew the two flaps back together. This required no statistics to trust in, just a guy with a needle and some great conversation as he told me I didn’t need to watch.

I ended up in the hospital with a pancreatitis. I was in excruciating pain. I trusted in the doctor he knew a drug that would take away the pain. Two weeks later, the pain was gone and I was out of the hospital. The good of this, they gave me the pain shots. The bad of this, they did not give me the cause. They assumed I was a heavy drinker because that’s what the statistics say. After my own research, I realized it was the half a bottle of calcium carbonate pills I took a day for over a year that landed me in the hospital. I am yet to let my doctor in on the findings. Best to let them think I am an alcoholic.

I knew at the time I was doing it, it was bad. But I had no doctor so I just tolerated the stomach problems. Admittedly, this was my mistake.

So, what does all of this have to do with vaccines, like this Coronavirus one everyone is getting? It’s the stats. Again, scientific sales pitches with graphs and catchy terms like herd immunity.

Now, I know how I wrote that last paragraph. Take a moment to be aware of your trigger. The thought “you are wrong” in the back of your mind is the same “you are wrong” the general populous also has in their head.

I am not anti-vaccine. Well, not in the way you think anyways. You think I am some hipster reading articles online about the newest conspiracies. I’m not really. I also had both my doses before most of my people had one.

I admit, when medicine get’s it right, they get it right. I was sewed up then my finger was filleted. I was taken care of by tremendously caring nurses when I tried to explode my pancreas. They can mend broken bones, remove foreign objects and heal things like depression.

Ok, I was being cheeky there. When I wanted to go out of country to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks, I was expecting the travel nurse to tell me exactly what I needed and when to get them. Instead I was sold. An honest to goodness sales pitch, including closing statements and the whole package.

I learned at a young age the “authority” on things does not equate to being knowledgeable about those things. This is true I assure you. Keep your eyes open for it and you too will start questioning.

I never had parents to tell me how to live, or how to think. I was taken from my biological parents at age 1. I was adopted into a great family that didn’t know what to do with me, and those parents both died as well. I was left to fend for myself. I became really good at it.

I was blessed with an unusual lack of loyalty to a way of thinking that is normally taught to us growing up. I learned to trust only myself. I learned to observe because in my early teens, I was the target for every social group in my school that wanted to hold a person down, or beat them down. I effectively stood alone against the storm of the universe.

And it was great. I learned however there’s a strange game on this planet being played. If you can just humor me for a moment and pretend for just a second I am an alien, just dropped onto this earth. That’s how I feel and so I can observe objectively (I feel) the games being played around me.

Now, the next part will trigger you. Just leave that alone for a minute. What this article is, is not a means to convince you, but to help you understand a point of view that exists on this planet, of which I too understand. Go with me on this. Just assume for a minute, that I whole heartedly believe everything I am about to say in the next paragraph.

They are guessing.

Well, most of them. And what you cannot do is determine which one’s are guessing. You are not allowed to download the studies they use, you are not allowed to see the numbers, you are not allowed to look at this like a scientist, you can only rely on another person’s interpretation of a conclusion that they guessed on. Sometimes others take a stab at it and try to determine if they were guessing and they do it a different way and get a different answer and because we are not able to see the studies, the numbers or look at it like a scientist, we are unaware.

The public has no place in science. The government has no place in our personal lives. Knowledge is in our heads. Mine, and yours. Personally, I know you will make the best decision for you, that which cures YOU.

If you want to accuse me of preaching, I preach that people are people. The government are people. The scientists are people. Even the priests are people. But me, no. I’m an alien.



David Smith

Disgruntled uneducated intellectual and philosopher unimpressed with the current paradigm. A non-authoritative authority on the status quo & it’s inadequacies.