Why You’re Dying

David Smith
5 min readNov 28, 2020

With the advent of science there started a battle which advocates of the scientific method is winning. They are winning because they have fancy weapons that no one can argue exist: fancy labs, peer reviewed studies, statistics and the one weapon every laboratory and couch scientist needs, logic. They are bulldozing across the land at the cost of traditional wisdom and have claimed the western world for themselves.

However, they are getting resistance by a growing group that refuse to back away. The proponents of traditional wisdom. You can hear them, screaming from the hills, whimpering under the load of the status quo knowing full well the logic being used is a lie.

First it is worth mentioning that the author has a firm belief that logic can prove anything and has no further use than the contemplate outcomes. If you sit in your tower long enough, you will prove it all. This is a weakness of science in how it is used currently.

So, what is the battle?

Well, it’s a simple one. There are two types of health. Perhaps 3, but this battle occurs between 2 as both sides agree the third gets special consideration.

Consider that there are two types of healthy. The healthy, you know the kind that we had as a youth, that thrust us forward into the world. The second is the artificial health. Science is the domain of the artificially healthy.

It’s worth mentioning the third which are the unhealthy for good reason, like accidents, defects, and other unavoidable reasons.

We all dream of the vigor of youth. We dream more as we see it slipping away. We use medicine to keep it up, like we used to. However, a day comes when those pills don’t work. Your artificial health comes apart at the seams.

Personally I suffer. I take the pain. I know the moment I start taking that pill, then begins my journey through life with artificial health. I’d feel better, but I won’t be better.

I have two paths to follow here and I travel the road less . . .

Unraveled. There just might exist a means to bring your body back to health.

Other countries know this. If you asked them they wouldn’t tell you. Not because they wish you wrong, they just don’t know. They don’t think like we do in the west, they think like they think. It’s that thinking that keeps them healthy. The kind of thinking that does not make them want to throw a tv dinner in the microwave (that wonderous invention contributed much to this problem) but make fresh food and sit down and eat it according to their cultures. I had the luck of travelling to Sri Lanka recently and for 2 weeks I ate like they did. I tried everything and made it a point to try every dish I could. I had never felt healthier. We did find chicken fried from Kentucky there one day, and it felt wrong after the week of eating fresh real food every meal.

Now that I’m back at home, back to the same old grind, my health is back to how it has always been. Normal headaches, normal muscle aches, normal irritability, normal lethargy, normal stomach problems, normal brain fog. It’s however not artificial. I am as healthy as I should be. As such, it is always in my face and I always think about how I am creating it so that someday if things go downhill, I will be under no allusions that I didn’t create that health. I prefer not to take drugs. I do take my vitamins, my amino acids, my juices occasionally and many other things that will help me actually be healthy. More healthy.

Yesterday, I had a headache, nagging at me all day. I had some turmeric and black pepper and then wrote 3 articles. That headache was a thing of the past. I was trying hard to sit at the keyboard but couldn’t concentrate with the pain. One tidbit of information I stumbled on years ago gave me a productive evening of writing. Isn’t that was we are trying to do with medicine? Be productive? Remove the pain?

I learned about Orthomolecular Medicine. I listened to stories of how certain food regimens cured the incurable. I learned how others changed the way they think to overcome these mental illnesses. I learned some yoga.

I am not sure if I changed my thinking. It is just how I have always thought. In contrast to the society I live in I am definitely an outlier. I’m no pinnacle of health. I still live in North America. It’s too hard to be healthy here, it’s not wired that way. That’s why they rely on drugs to give them health, just for a little while longer.

When we start on that path, we just keep chasing the failures as the ship we are steering is coming part board by board. Duct tape will fix it, to a point.

It’s unpopular to tell people you care about that they are destroying themselves from the inside. Preaching to those whom I will never see however carries with it no sense of urgency, or plead to change now. I will never see if you did it. I will never see you try it and fail. I will never see you try and save your own life. This is how it has to be.

The existence of the artificially healthy has made one thing clear to me. The debate online about what is healthy and what is not is an attempt to find more ways to be artificially healthy. Tape together the taped together parts of man. Find better tape.

This is the disconnect. Many do not know that this point of view exists. Our non-scientific methods from anecdotal sources will never be scientific. Most of the time we don’t care because we also understand that medicine and science do not have an answer for everything, and for the other things we have to fill in the blanks.

My doctor was instrumental in sewing up my finger that time. Wonderful. They also were able to handle the inflammation from my pancreatitis and ease the pain. Another wonderful. However they didn’t have an answer as to how not to have a pancreatitis. I know why I got it. Science doesn’t have a test for that though.

My problem is that I am the problem and “I” am not a medical condition. I am a decision maker. I am a creative force and my body is the most direct benefactor of that reality.



David Smith

Disgruntled uneducated intellectual and philosopher unimpressed with the current paradigm. A non-authoritative authority on the status quo & it’s inadequacies.